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Is it really useful to wear a helmet?

Time:Nov 13, 2020 Views: 3

Wearing a helmet is definitely useful. The reason is very simple. In our common power industry, construction sites, etc., the safety regulations in these industries clearly stipulate that you must wear a helmet correctly when entering the production site. Why is there This kind of regulation is because these regulations are the price of blood.

Is it really useful to wear a helmet?

Is it really useful to wear a helmet?

First of all, let's look at the role of helmets:

The first is a kind of responsibility and an image. When we put on the helmets, we immediately felt a sense, reminding every employee who took it, that safety is a responsibility, we must pay attention to strengthening safety production management, restrain and warn everyone who enters the scene, safety is for me and I want Be safe, don't take risks, and don't recklessly.

The second is a sign. You can see helmets of different colors at the scene, which can directly distinguish the nature of the staff. Generally can be divided into: production workers should wear yellow helmets, technical workers, special operators wear blue helmets, security personnel wear red helmets, management personnel wear white helmets and so on.

The third is to be eye-catching. When working on a cloudy, rainy or foggy day, people can notice you to avoid safety accidents. The visibility of the helmet is the most eye-catching in yellow and white, and the worst in black and dark blue.

The fourth and most important point is that safety helmets are important personal safety protection products for workers. In the field operation, the helmet can withstand and disperse the impact of falling objects, and protect or reduce the damage caused by falling from a height or hitting the head first on the ground. It can save a person's life at critical moments.

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